Thursday, October 15, 2009

Scarlet and Rhett Would Have LOVED it!
I can just picture Scarlet in her hoop-skirt, descending the grand staircase in the foyer of the DeBordieu Clubhouse. Wow! What a gorgeous place! I had a fun lunch with Jeff Kaz (my hubby), Kelly Jones, (Director of Catering), Chris Constable, (Assistant Controller) and Lamont Teeples, (General Manager). It was great catching up
PEOPLE: Helga Morrison - With her thick German accent, vivacious personality, and desire to deliver the best service in the world, Helga has been a fixture at the DeBordieu Grill Room since it opened! Respected by DeBordieu Club Members as well as the staff, Helga has the uncanny ability to remember what you like on your sandwich, your favorite libation, and the names of your children! It was great to reconnect with Helga!

PLACES: The Daly House - Listed by my good buddy Tom Nichols, I had the opportunity to show the Daly house! Stately and elegant, this beautiful home has a spectacular view of DeBordieu's 17th hole. I was very impressed with the recent renovations done to the home, not only in the house, but under the house. What a value! Click here to see it! Daly House Details

THINGS: The DeBordieu Clubhouse - This masterpiece of architecture is the crowning jewel of the Pete Dye golf course at DeBordieu. Beautifully updated last summer, the Colony Room is now light, airy, and offers spectacular views of the course and surrounding marshlands. Numerous memories of Christmas parties and wedding receptions flooded my little brain as I walked through.
There truly is no place like home…..and there's no place like DeBordieu.

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