Thursday, October 15, 2009

Confirmation….it's a good thing.There's nothing like confirmation that I made the right decision to return to DeBordieu Colony Real Estate.
On my second day here I was given the opportunity to show property to a former client, who sold his DeBordieu property a few years ago, and now has the desire to come back. There are some very nice communities in the Pawleys Island area, but once most people get a taste of DeBordieu, they realize that there is really no other place on earth like it. Nothing even comes close!
PEOPLE: Geoff Groat - hysterically funny in a "Dr. House" kind of way, Geoff started selling property at DeBordieu Colony Real Estate back in 1986 just before I came on board. He was supportive of my move from marketing to real estate sales back in the '90s, and he's been just as supportive in my return to DeBordieu. His vast knowledge of the community, and the properties within is staggering. He's been a big help to me already, just as I knew he would be.
PLACES: The DCCA office - One of the reasons people choose to make their home in DeBordieu is that the community association here is SERIOUS about SECURITY. I visited the DeBordieu Colony Community Association office where I had to fill out a detailed information sheet before I could get a decal and bar code for my car, allowing me access to the community. SECURTIY….it's a good thing.
THINGS: The Creek - that property I showed earlier today provided a stunning, panoramic view of North Inlet, one of the most pristine estuaries in North America. DeBordieu provides its owners boat landing access to this fertile fishing ground. I can't WAIT to get out there in a boat!
There's no place like home……there's no place like DeBordieu.

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