Sunday, April 3, 2011

Me? A "Tech-Savvy" Realtor? I worked with some really nice folks last week who will soon be new full-time residents of DeBordieu, the private oceanfront, gated golf community just south of Pawleys Island, SC.

They contacted me out of the blue because repeatedly, when they Googled DeBordieu, my name kept popping up. Facebook, Twitter, this blog you’re reading… is all improving my SEO (that would be “Search Engine Optimization” for those of you who aren’t quite as tech savvy as I, LOL….aaaaand that would be “Laugh Out Loud”).

Meanwhile….last week, it was April Fools Day. So I played a little joke on my boss, telling him that I, being the “Tech Savvy Agent” I am, was fielding multiple offers from real estate marketing firms because I had been recognized as a leader in social networking and blogging. As the color drained from his face, I realized that I couldn’t let that go on for long, so I fessed up. (I’m not going anywhere….I love where I work….and the folks I work with.)

I also love learning, particularly when it comes to new ways to communicate. Some business professionals my age, (53, and proud of it, thank you) are refusing to embrace all this new technology thinking it will be a passing fad. I think not. I think that if it is appropriately integrated into the overall strategy, it can enhance not only marketing plans, but one-on-one communication that is so vital in the real estate business. It will never take the place of face to face meetings, or ………THE PHONE CALL, but it’s here to stay and I am really enjoying it!

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DeBordieu Colony is an oceanfront community located just south of Pawleys Island, South Carolina that features private golf and tennis, saltwater creek access to the ocean, a manned security gate, and luxury homes and villas surrounded by thousands of acres of wildlife and nature preserves.

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