Tuesday, April 20, 2010

“Le Terre Da Dieu”
My son Joey has composed a beautiful piece of classical music that he will debut and conduct for the Long Bay Youth Symphony Orchestra this Thursday night. His inspiration for the piece was DeBordieu!
It’s really no surprise, his father and I have been involved with the development of DeBordieu since 1986….years before Joey was born. I think this place must be in the boy’s blood.
That happens to just about everyone who spends time here, including DeBordieu’s first visitor who named the place! Local legend claims that when the Marquis de Lafayette reached the shores of DeBordieu, he exclaimed, "This land is so beautiful, it must be the borderland of God!" The French translation is "D'aborde Dieu." Eventually, the local, gullah dialect gave us an easier pronunciation…."Debidue."
Joey’s “Le Terre Da Dieu” translates to “the land of God.” I’m looking forward to hearing this beautiful piece of music Thursday night, and I’m looking forward to showing you how beautiful DeBordieu truly is.
There has never been a better time to consider a purchase at DeBordieu.

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  1. fyi...the concert was great! The music was wonderful and it was AWESOME to see Joey conduct his orchestra friends! We are so very grateful Joey's been given so many great opportunities to share his give. Tonight, we're at the Indigo Choral Society Spring concert where Joey is presenting another of his works. Busy week!!!!