Friday, April 27, 2012

Lock and Load! The Bidding Wars are BACK!

Remember the good old days at DeBordieu, when sellers would find themselves faced with multiple offers from different buyers? Well, today the Wall Street Journal confirmed what we are starting to see again at this private, gated, ocean front, golf community just north of Charleston, SC.
When a DeBordieu property hits the market at the right price, or reduces to the right price, savvy buyers who recognize a good value when they see one are moving forward. Sometimes at the same time!
CLICK HERE to read the WSJ article.
According to Hampton Peace, Broker in Charge at DeBordieu Colony Real Estate, " I think this article is very encouraging and is a harbinger of increased activity in our market soon." He went on to say, "a rising tide will certainly lift all boats. DeBordieu Colony and the DeBordieu Club are both strong financially and our community is blessed with the most unique combination of low population density, private club amenities, and natural resources that I know of on the coast of the Carolinas, maybe even the entire east coast."
I agree. I can't remember ever being as busy as I am right now. Buyers are back! So sellers, lock and load! And let the bidding wars begin!!!
There has never been a better time to consider a purchase at DeBordieu.
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