Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rub-a-dub TUB????? or Luxury Shower?
What's your preference?
As stated in an article in the Charlotte Observer today, many folks in the remodeling or building process are opting to do away with the over-sized whirlpool or garden tub and go with a luxury shower. That's true also with some homes at DeBordieu, but by in large, we find more Whirlpool Tub/Luxury Shower combos.
Pictured here are some of the Master Baths in homes currently on the market that feature Luxury Showers.
Click on the picture to get details and a virtual tour of the home. (It's very hard to capture the entire bathroom is just one shot.)
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To read the article in the Charlotte Observer, Click Here.

It's actually pretty amazing how many people from Charlotte, NC own 2nd homes at DeBordieu, or have moved here from Charlotte.
There has never been a better time to consider a purchase at DeBordieu!

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