Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cold Air – Hot Market! Why the Christmas Season is a GREAT time to buy real estate!
It’s not much fun looking at real estate when it’s cold outside, but the upcoming holidays provide a perfect time to consider a real estate purchase at DeBordieu, just south of Pawleys Island, South Carolina, for a number of reasons.

If it’s a deal you’re looking for, please know that when sellers keep their homes on the market during the Christmas season, it's an indication that they may be very motivated. If the seller can contract by the end of the year, they just might be significantly more negotiable on the price. Once the winter months pass, and the promise of Spring, and our biggest selling season, is upon us, sellers tend to dig in a bit more.
If you are the kind of buyer that enjoys “quality time” with your agent, lenders, inspectors and others who assist in the home-buying process, know that they will typically have more time to spend with you during the holidays.

Also, during the Winter, you will have less competition from other buyers in the market. If you are looking for a second or vacation rental home or villa, occupancy rates are typically lower this season, making showings easier to schedule.
Perhaps one of the biggest reasons to purchase a home or villa at DeBordieu this season is that you will have plenty of time before Spring comes to unpack and make it your own.

The homes featured on this page are currently for sale at DeBordieu. Please CLICK ON THE PICTURE to be linked to detailed information or browse the website at
Whether you choose a house, or a villa, on the island or on DeBordieu’s mainland,
there has never been a better SEASON to consider a purchase at DeBordieu!
Merry Christmas!!!

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