Tuesday, December 28, 2010

After Christmas Sales and Foreclosures?
So……. I’ve been doing some thinking lately about After-Christmas Sales, and how they compare to real estate foreclosures.
The obvious positive correlation is all about price. Duh. Of course if a buyer chooses to buy a foreclosure, he is going to get a great price on a piece of real estate. And if he’s looking to clean it up and flip it down the road, well that’s even better.
Similarly, if I choose to spend my hard-earned money on an article of clothing that is on sale after Christmas, I will save money, and will get instant gratification that I got a deal I can brag about to my friends! But will I actually get what I want?

Will I actually wear that purple sweater with the pair of pants it almost matches, that I had a tug-o-war over with that other lady (and I use that term loosely) at an After-Christmas Sale last year, that still has the tag on them, and don’t even fit any more?

Or would I be better off waiting until the new Spring lines come out in a month or so and invest in a matching outfit that actually looks good?
Similarly, should the real estate buyer who is in the market for a home, buy something that almost works for his family, simply because it’s a great deal? Or should he stay the course, and after negotiating the best price (which he can do because it is still a spectacular buyer’s market), purchase the home of his dreams that works perfectly for his family.

Bottom line…..Mr. and Mrs. Buyer, don’t just look for foreclosures and distressed properties. Don't buy that ugly purple sweater, or that ugly foreclosure. Look for a great value that gives you exactly what you want and negotiate the best possible price.

For example, the real estate featured on this page is representative of homes currently on the DeBordieu market at great prices, but you will not find them on a foreclosure list. They are simply great values. Click on the pictures for detailed information about each.
There has never been a better time to consider a purchase at DeBordieu.

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