Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Open Floor Plans at DeBordieu

Keep an Open……Floorplan!
OK…..so some of you don’t necessarily want a formal dining room when considering the purchase of a home at DeBordieu, just south of Pawleys Island, South Carolina. You would rather have the kitchen open to the dining room, and even open to the living room. Why is that?

Well, some people enjoy the inviting and airy feel to a home that an open floor plan at DeBordieu provides. They feel more comfortable, and a greater sense of freedom.

Others find that the open space appears to have more square footage than it actually does, which makes it a great selling point for many homes at DeBordieu.

I often talk to cooks who feel that unless they are cooking in a setting with an open floor plan, they feel as though they are left out of the socializing…..stuck back in the kitchen while others have all the fun. Having the space open to the other rooms allows for others to include the cook in conversations!

We’ve come a long way from the rigid architecture of the past, when formality took precedence over function. Back then, the living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens each had their own separate quarters.

Whether you enjoy a Formal Dining Room, or a more Open Setting, DeBordieu has an excellent selection of either from which to choose. (Click on the picture of each dining room to be linked to more info and pictures of the home.)
There has never been a better time to consider a purchase at DeBordieu!

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