Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fabulous Feature #2 - The Beach

DeBordieu’s Fabulous Feature #2 – The Beach!
We’re talking about the BENEFITS that come with each of DeBordieu’s unique features. Today, DeBordieu’s, beautiful beach!

Whether you walk on it, sit on it, or just like to look at it, living in a community that has access to a beach is very important to many people who choose South Carolina for their permanent residence, or second home.

The beach at DeBordieu stretches from Pawleys Inlet to North Inlet. It’s six and a half miles long, uncrowded and gorgeous. You really have to see it to appreciate just how special it is.

DeBordieu fronts 2 miles of this oceanfront land, has access to two miles to the north, in front of Arcadia Plantation and Prince George, and two and a half miles to the south, in front of Hobcaw Barony, the nature preserve next door, which will never be developed. When you walk on this particular part of the beach, there are no homes.

In fact, there is not another oceanfront home for 60 miles until you get down to Charleston due to all of the protected barrier islands south of DeBordieu.

While many folks choose to live right on the beach, like those in the homes featured on this page, it’s nice that at DeBordieu, you don’t have to live directly ON the beach to enjoy it. In addition to the number of beach accesses on the island, DeBordieu Club features a 10-acre beach club devoted to fun and merrymaking. Many DeBordieu residents enjoy hopping on their golf cart, and following the nature trail to the beach club where they can spend time with their family building a sand castle on the beach, swimming at one of the pools, sipping a cocktail at the Tiki Hut Bar, or dining overlooking the ocean. (Click on the pics with arrows for information on ocean front homes available for sale.)

The beach at DeBordieu will play a big part in the economic recovery of the local real estate market that is underway. It’s been said that communities that feature natural amenities, like the beaches at DeBordieu, Pawleys Island and Litchfield will recover more quickly than some of the other communities that are seen as more risky options. We’re seeing that recovery beginning to happen now, but it’s still a “Buyer’s Market.” Even though we’ve seen an increase in interest levels, prices remain stable and have not started increasing ……………….YET.

There has never been a better time to consider a purchase at DeBordieu!

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