Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Ice Man Cameth......

The Ice Man Cameth to DeBordieu, and thank God, WENTETH!
Today at DeBordieu we're enjoying balmy temps in the low 60's, but last week, it was a bit chilly! We're not used to that around here!

Some really great pictures were taken on DeBordieu's private Pete Dye Golf Course. After the sprinklers had a opportunity to douse the landscape with water, Mr. Freeze did his thing.

Also, the pipe for an outdoor shower at one of our popular beach houses busted and created this beautiful scene. Incidentally, we've started taking reservations in oceanfront beach homes for this summer. Call or email me if you need any help with securing a place for you and your family.

There's no place like home.....there's no place like DeBordieu!

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