Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The 4th ....from the 10th!
It’s hard to believe that DeBordieu’s 4th of July has come and gone , but I sure do have some great memories, not the least of which is the spectacular fireworks display at the DeBordieu Clubhouse. (See video of finale below)!
We had gone to see my son, Joey, sing with the Indigo Choral Society on the lawn of the Kaminski House in Georgetown and made it back to DeBordieu in the nik of time, right when they were starting.
As we drove down Bonneyneck, past DeBordieu’s Number 10 green, I noticed lots of folks had set up their lawn chairs and picnics there, right next to one of my favorite listings…..Lot 291, (with the star) which, is on the market for $298,000. All this time I’ve been promoting that lot as having gorgeous trees, a wide open view of fairways and lakes, and a great corridor to get cool breezes from the ocean and North Inlet, but I have neglected one key marketing point. From lot 291, and the home that could be built there, the view of the DeBordieu 4th of July Spectacular Firework display would be AWE-SOME!!!!! So I decided perhaps I should let you know about that, and about the other properties from which the fireworks would also be great.
On this page are some of those homes and lots at DeBordieu, currently on the market, which provide excellent firework display settings. They also provide those afore-mentioned wide open corridors which provide pretty views of fairways and lakes and those cool ocean breezes.
CLICK ON THE PICTURE and be linked to the property.
For additional information, contact, Call 843-455-4523, or visit the DeBordieu Website at

DeBordieu Colony is an oceanfront community located just south of Pawleys Island, South Carolina featuring private golf and tennis, saltwater creek access to the ocean, a manned security gate, and luxury homes and villas surrounded by thousands of acres of wildlife and nature preserves.

There has never been a better time to consider a purchase at DeBordieu, or a better place to watch the fireworks on the 4th!


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  2. 4th of July celebrtations were fantastic in this difficult year in the US

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