Friday, June 3, 2011

Great Video of Loggerhead Laying Eggs at DeBordieu!
You don’t see this every day! A Loggerhead Sea Turtle laying her eggs in the broad daylight! Kudos to DeBordieu resident Jim Forshaw who took this video! Below is the account of the event from the website. Log on to get daily updates of turtle activities in the Pawleys Island area.
“We received a call from DeBordieu Security about 9:45 this morning. Jim Forshaw, a resident noticed a loggerhead coming out of the ocean in front of the Beach Villas and knew we would be interested. He said the turtle was beginning to nest!

When we arrived she was still clearing away sand and beginning to dig her chamber alternating hind flippers with scoops of sand. There were about 25 people observing and being careful to stay behind her. She started dropping her eggs in 2s and 3s. After a while, you could see the eggs at the top of the chamber. She then began the covering process and very carefully pushed the sand into the chamber, again alternating hind flippers and tamping down the sand. In the last stage, she began throwing sand with all 4 flippers in an effort to disguise the nest. As she did this she inched forward. Finished, she made a sharp right turn and headed seaward. Kathi had run home to get some buckets and Tom gave the tired turtle mom a couple of showers on her way back to the ocean....which she seemed to enjoy! We applauded her as she crashed into the waves. It took her 64 min. to nest - ocean to ocean. We did not move the nest but will keep a close watch on it for high tides.”

Turtles aren’t the only ones encouraged to make their nest at DeBordieu…. (sorry, couldn't resist!) for details, contact, or 843-455-4523.

DeBordieu Colony is an oceanfront community located just south of Pawleys Island, South Carolina featuring private golf and tennis, saltwater creek access to the ocean, a manned security gate, and luxury homes and villas surrounded by thousands of acres of wildlife and nature preserves.

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