Friday, November 6, 2009

Busted!!!!! .....and impressed!
Under the category of "things that have changed at DeBordieu" would be the SPEED LIMIT! I got pulled over the other day and with the blue light flashing, was issued a written warning. In an effort to make it an even safer environment, the DeBordieu Colony Community Association reduced the speed limit from Lantana Drive to Wallace Pate Drive from 45 to 35. The good news: I didn't have a client with me. The bad news: I DID have my 13-year-old daughter with me, so I'll NEVER be able to live it down. (We were on the way to say Hi to her dad, who works at the DeBordieu Clubhouse, before going to her orthodontist appointment in Georgetown.) Anyway…..this lead-footed speed-demon will be slowing it down!
People: Officer Rudy Griffith, who gave me my big speeding ticket, is actually one of my favorite DeBordieu Security Guards. If you've ever been down Kings River Road in Pawleys Island at Christmas time, you've seen Rudy's festive Christmas display in his yard. This year, he's put it up early, because a very good friend of his is terminally ill and might not make it 'till Christmas. She was delighted that Rudy and his wife, Kathy, put it up early, just for her. Is that great or what? Personally, I would celebrate Christmas all year long if we could, so I LOVE that it's up early! Give me a holler if you want to know exactly where it is and I'll be happy to give you directions.
Places: I was very impressed with a home the DeBordieu sales team visited after our meeting this week. The SWORD house, located on Cotillion Court is spectacular and features a view of golf and water that is second to none. The entrance is stunning, the floor plan is great, and the construction is solid and beautiful. Couldn't wait to get back to call a client, for whom the home would be perfect. Her husband is traveling, but she's coming to see it later this week! While the team was in the neighborhood, we also passed one of the Lots I will have the privilege of representing….Lot 218, on the corner of Cotillion Court and Summerwood. We all concurred that because of its abundance of Oak trees and gorgeous view of golf and water, it is definitely one of the most beautiful lots on the market at DeBordieu. I particularly like it because it's in the X-Zone, so you can build as close to the ground as you want, and still have a great view! Give me a call if you would like the site-plan and dimensions.
Things: The vegetation at DeBordieu is absolutely amazing. Since the beginning of development, starting with Wallace Pate back in the 1970s, preservation of trees has been a priority. From the tall canopy of pines, to the moss-draped live oaks, it just doesn't get much greener than this…..particularly between Lantana Drive and Wallace Pate Drive…..isn't it great they reduced the speed limit there so we can all enjoy the trees even more???
There truly is no place like home…..and there's no place like DeBordieu.

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