Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Perfect DeBordieu Beach House! Ocean Front!!!

Just about an hour north of Charleston, SC, you’ll find the perfect DeBordieu Beach House!Greenberg front ext from across the street
The minute you walk in the front door and see that big blue ocean, you’ll know you’re in paradise!20150325-DSC_8355
Beautiful pecky cypress walls give this 4 BR home a beachy, cottage feel, while the open floor plan lends itself to great entertaining for family and friends.
Standing in the kitchen, the cook can enjoy the spectacular ocean view, talk to those seated at the breakfast bar, see the television in the living room, serve those seated at the dining room table, order a cocktail from the wet bar in the center of the house, and slip out onto the sunset porch to get away from it all.
The screened porch on th20150325-DSC_8261e ocean side of the house is huge, perfect for rockers and hammocks, and offers a fabulous ocean view. The private walkway to the beach features a dune-top deck for those who prefer not to get sand between their toes.20150325-DSC_8335
The master bedroom on the main living level offers two huge walk in closets, two separated vanities, and two water closets, one with the tub/shower, the other with a walk in shower. Conveniently located in the master suite with a separate door is the office/nursery/study, big enough for a day bed for the spouse w ho snores! Upstairs are 3 additional bedrooms, 2 baths and plenty of storage. This home could easily be a primary residence.
Currently on the DeBordieu Colony Real Estate Rental 20150325-DSC_8369Program, it is offered furnished with exceptions, and has a good rental history.
Other features of this great DeBordieu Beach House include: Stanless Steel 20150325-DSC_8301applicances, wood floors, center island, wall oven, huge pantry, laundry room, fish sink, outdoor shower.
20150325-DSC_8276DeBordieu Colony is an oceanfront community located just south of Pawleys Island, South Carolina featuring private golf and tennis, saltwater creek access to the ocean, a manned security gate, and luxury homes and villas surrounded by thousands of acres of wildlife and nature preserves. People who have been here say there is no place like DeBordieu. Come see for yourself. 20150325-DSC_827220150325-DSC_825820150409-DSC_883020150325-DSC_836420150325-DSC_829220150325-DSC_829320150325-DSC_832820150325-DSC_8347

Friday, May 22, 2015

2015 Memorial Day Weekend at DeBordieu Club

Memorial Day Weekend is always a fun time at DeBordieu, the private ocean front residential community just north of Charleston, SC. This year will be no different as DeBordieu families gather to remember, honor and celebrate. mem day party logo
Below is a complete schudule of food and beverage options for Memorial Day Weekend at DeBordieu Club, but the weekend would not be complete without everyone’s favorite event, the DeBordieu Club Memorial Day Party! Sunday, May 24th, from 6-9pm, DeBordieu Members and their guests will gather on the Blue Heron Deck and Ocean Front lawn to enjoy good food and live music by “Sea Cruz!”
The fare is $30.00 for Adults, $13.00 for Children (ages 11-15), $10.00 for Children (ages 5-10), Children 4 and under are no charge. Signature Bar is available. Open seating.Please call DeBordieu Club at (843) 546-2410 to sign up for the party.  (The Beach Club and Blue Heron Grill will be CLOSED for Dinner service on Sunday, May 24 due to the Memorial Day Party.)

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

There’s nothing like being right on the ocean front, particularly at DeBordieu, the private, gated beach community located about an hour north of Charleston, South Carolina, just south of Pawleys Island. And at DeBordieu’s Pioneer Place Villas, you have alot of great choices!
First, there’s the horseshoe of red roofed townhomes located right behind the private Pioneer Place Villa swimming pool.
And then there are my favorites…..the really cute, Mediterranean villas right on DeBordieu’s beautiful ocean front.
PPV SEC1From most of these villas, you can walk right out your back door to the private “DeBidue Beach” access without going up or down one step! 
While some folks find buying a vacation home right on the ocean front a bit out of range, these 2, 3 and 4 bedroom Pioneer Place Villas at DeBordieu are priced from $449,000 – $849,000. Factors that are considered when pricing are size, number of bedrooms, proximity to beach, view, and if they have been updated or not. Pioneer Place Villas at DeBordieu have 500 feet of private beach frontage, a private pool, and private tennis courts for the exclusive use of Pioneer Place Villa owners.
The intimate, manageable PPV pooldesign of these villas makes them one of DeBordieu’s most popular styles. In fact, when I first started working at DeBordieu in 1986, I met so many owners that either owned a Pioneer Place Villa then, or used to own one, that I thought that it was some sort of requirement! (LOL). Since then, I’ve watched many subsequent owners enjppv nef viewoy these villas either by purchasing, or renting them for “overflow” when  their big families come to town. Because they are right on the ocean front, they have great rental histories. 
Incidentally, they are called Pioneer Place Villas because they were built in the early 70’s so that folks coming to consider DeBordieu would have a place to stay when they came. Those that PPV SEFbought in DeBordieu back then were definitely pioneerPPV 12As! A couple of those owners still cooperate with us and let us make their villa available for folks coming to look at real estate at DeBordieu today. 
The pictures on this page are linked the Pioneer Place Villas currently on the market for sale. Click the pictures to find out more information about each individual villa. 
DeBordieu Colony is a very private community on the coast of South Carolina, between Charleston and Myrtle Beach, just south of Pawleys Island. In addition to miles of secluded beach, boat landing access to North Inlet, and a 24-hour manned security gate, the private, equity DeBordieu Club offers Pete Dye golf, a tennis center and an ocean front Beach Club with fine dining, a gazebo bar, two pools, and a playground. There is truly no place like DeBordieu. Come see for yourself.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Beach Restoration at DeBordieu: COMPLETE!

DeBordieu Beach Renouishment Update 5/8/15

DeBordieu’s Beach Restoration project is complete!BEACH 5.5.15
All of the pipes have been removed from the beach and a crew will begin installing the remaining sand fences this week. The dune vegetation planting is scheduled for May 12.
The DeBordieu Colony Community Association and DeBordieu Club Boards invite all DeBordieu Owners to join in a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the summer season at the Blue Heron walkway on Friday, May 22, 2015 at 5:00 PM.

DeBordieu Beach Renouishment Update 4/27/15

The DeBordieu beach restoration project is progressing quickly now! DeBordieu Approximately 6,000 ft. of the beach and dune have been completed from the south end of the property up to the Beach Club.  With the rapid production rates and good weather, Marinex hopes to complete the remaining 2,000 ft. of fill placement this week. The dune restoration project will be completed by mid-May with vegetation planting on May 12.      

DeBordieu Beach Renourishment Update 4/7/15

We are pleased to report that the south end of the project was completed last week! Goodrich New Beach The taper ends at ~200 ft. south of the DeBordieu property line, although placed sand will continue to benefit this shoreline for years due to sand spreading and littoral transport.  The project design maximizes protection by including a wider dune feature and via placement of sand along the central section of the beach.  Our past annual monitoring surveys indicate that the mid-beach is the main "feeder beach" for adjacent areas, so a maximum volume is included in this area.   This area will feed sand both to the north and south, similar to the 2006 project. Pumping has begun to the north.

DeBordieu Beach Renourishment Update 3/25/15

The DeBordieu Colony Community Association is doing a great job of keeping DeBordieu Owners apprised of the progress of the beach restoration project at this private residential community just north of Charleston, South Carolina. Here's the latest from Blanche Brown, General Manager of the DCCA:beach renourishment 3.25.15 "Slow progress continues along the south end of the beach restoration project with approximately 40,000 cubic yards left until that end is complete.  Unfortunately the weather does not appear overly favorable this week. During downtime, the crew has been busy installing sand fencing which is the first phase of the dune restoration project.  After beach nourishment construction is complete, the second phase, dune vegetation planting, will begin.  The state (OCRM) requires sand fencing to be installed in a V-pattern, open to the shoreline, to avoid interfering with sea turtle nesting or hatchlings.  A line of V's is being installed along the newly constructed dune with openings left for public access.  The sand fencing will trap windblown sand to minimize sand loss outside the project area, and to build elevation at the newly established dune crest.  Native dune vegetation will be planted after construction and will further assist with sand trapping.beach renourishment 2 3.25.15 The goal of the dune restoration program is to establish a high, continuous dune that will serve as a buffer from storms and a future reservoir of sand if needed.  Access paths are being established at each public and private dune walkover.  Ideally, the paths are 1) slanted, not directly perpendicular to the shore, and 2) at the same elevation as the adjacent dune.  In other words, the project aims to trap sand in the walkways and along the dune crest.  We are trying to avoid "holes" in the new dune that would funnel storm surge. Both sand fencing and dune vegetation will be installed along the entire project area.  Along the north end, where a dune is already established, the project aims to fill in patchy areas behind the toe of vegetation line. The newly established dune areas will be off limits with the exception of the access paths.  The recreational beach will be established seaward of the toe of vegetation.  

DeBordieu Beach Renourishment Update 3/17/15

DeBordieu BeachSand placement on DeBordieu Beach has been completed to the south end of the bulkhead, with most of the beach along the bulkhead now re-opened for use. Today the construction zone has moved into the Ocean Green area of DeBordieu, on the south end. DeBordieu BeachLast week, the dredge shut down on Wednesday and started back up on Sunday. The weather appears favorable for dredging until this Thursday. If all goes well this week, pumping on the south end will be complete and the pipe will be turned to the north. The DeBordieu Colony Community Association is doing a fantastic job, as always, of keeping DeBordieu Property Owners informed about this very important project.


DeBordieu Beach Renourishment Update 2/15/15

Sand placement on DeBordieu Beach has progressed nearly to the south end of the bulkhead.  DeBordieu Beach Renourishment beach renourishment dredge 2.15.15The dredge has placed 290,000 cubic yards along over 2,200 feet of beach.  About 1,500 feet of completed beach has been reopened to the community. Sand fencing installation will begin in a few weeks. The dredge Savannah is a 24" cutter-suction dredge, which is a floating platform (not a ship) with a rotating excavating cutterhead.  This turning "corkscrew" digs loosened sediment which is sucked by pumps through a 24" pipe and pump system that transports the sand and water slurry up to typical distances of 5 miles.  Engines on board the vessel power 3 massive pumps that guzzle up to 5,500 gallons of fuel per day!DeBordieu Beach Renourishment It won't be long until DeBordieu Residents and guests once again have access to the full 6 and a half miles of beach on DeBidue Island!

DeBordieu Beach Renourishment Update 2/2/15

Thank you Blanche Brown, DeBordieu Colony Community Association General Manager, for keeping us all updated on the Beach Renourishment project at DeBordieu! "We are happy to announce that the project made significant progress last week! renouish crane and dune Aside from one weather day, the dredge worked continuously.  Nearly 1,000 feet of beach has been completed with a total of 140,000 cubic yards placed.  The crew is also placing sand by hand to create a smooth transition between the newly placed sand and the existing dune scarp.   The dredge shut down today (Monday) due to weather, but work is expected to resume when the winds and seas calm down tomorrow.  Another productive week is expected until the next front comes through on Friday."

DeBordieu Beach Renourishment Update 1/26/15

"Marinex began pumping sand onto the beach on Monday January 19 at Beach Walkway #7.  The progress map below illustrates that the crew is working in roughly a 500-ft-long construction zone.  They placed a construction pad, which provides an area for the equipment to operate.  Rough seas forced the dredge to pull in to safe harbor in Winyah Bay late in the week, but pumping resumed Sunday.  Work will now begin to progress to beach 1.25.15 the south.  Weather this week is anticipated to be favorable.  Although winds may cause a short delay, the dredge is expected to remain in the borrow area and ride out the swell. The nourishment material is of good quality with some shell hash mixed in with the sand.  Some rock is also present, but that is common when using offshore sand borrow areas in South Carolina. As was described last week, the beach being built by the contractor has not yet assumed its natural state.  Last week, the process of profile equilibration was explained, where the beach narrows as sand is transported Beach renourish to southoffshore by wave energy and the beach takes on a more natural slope.  Please note that the beach berm is being constructed higher than it was during the last renourishment to provide enhanced storm protection. The dune is also not yet in a natural form.  It is being constructed wide and flat.  Sand fencing and dune vegetation will trap windblown sand on top of this constructed dune, creating a more natural sloping dune surface.  The dune elevation is the same as during thBeach renourish to northe last project, but because the beach berm elevation is higher, the dune may appear lower.  As the dune fencing and vegetation trap windblown sand, the elevation will increase."

Beach Renourishment Update 1/19/15

The DeBordieu Colony Community Association published an update on the DeBordieu Beach Restoration this week:


The dredge Savannah arrived at DeBordieu on Sunday.  Rough seas kept it at the dock last week.  The dredge crew will begin digging material from the offshore borrow area today (Monday).  Sand will be delivered to the beach through the submerged pipeline in a slurry of roughly 20% sediment and 80% water.  Beach crews will redistribute the sediment with heavy equipment and then survey the new dry beach and underwater slope to ensure accurate placement. It is important to keep in mind that beaches are similar to icebergs in that much of the beach is underwater.  The beach will be constructed abnormally wide because it is well known that the beach will equilibrate soon after construction.  This means that the wide beach that is constructed by the bulldozers will start to narrow immediately.  Natural wave action will smooth the beach to a gentler slope, thereby causing the beach width to narrow.  This process does not involve a loss of sand from the beach, rather a redistribution of sand to the near shore area and to the sand bar. renourishment diagram Like the existing beach, eventually about 2/3 of the new material will be underwater, acting like the foundation of a house supporting the dry beach. Although it will appear that the beach is rapidly eroding after nourishment, this is expected and indicative of the beach transforming from a constructed, designed beach to a natural beach form.dredge pipe DCCA General Manager Blanche Brown requests that everyone please stay out of the work zone and once construction starts, expect 24 hour operations when sea conditions allow.

We are all looking forward to the beach at DeBordieu returning to its renourished state!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

DeBordieu - JUST LISTED: Ocean Front Home $1,250,000

This Ocean front DeBordieu home with breathtaking, panoramic views of the Atlantic is for sale partially furnished for $1,250,000!
Located on one of the largest ocean front lots in DeBordieu, this 4 bedroom, 4 bath home offers an open, inverted floor plan with soaring cathedral ceilings.
The kitchen features a large center island, with plenty of room for guests to gather during meal preparation, or to just enjoy the ocean view.
14 118
11In either of the ocean front Master Suites, you’ll be lulled to sleep at night by the ocean waves, and greeted in the morning by the sun rising over the Atlantic.
135Winter warmth and coastal ambiance are provided by the tabby fireplace, the clear cypress walls, the white oak floors, and the pine ceilings with exposed structural beams accentuated by custom lighting detail.
121The cozy sleeping/reading loft, favorite spot of the grandchildren and accessible by a spiral staircase, offers great views of sunrise and sunset.
Other features include: Elevator, outdoor beach shower, A nderson windows with protective UV ray film, hurricane shutters, 5 screened porches including one perfect for enjoying sunsets, stained cypress exterior, double wall ovens, GE Profile refrigerator, Bosch dishwasher, granite countertops.


168DeBordieu Colony is a very private community on the coast of South Carolina, between Charleston andMyrtle Beach, just south of Pawleys Island. In addition to miles of secluded beach, boat landing access to North Inlet, and a 24-hour manned security gate, the private, equity DeBordieu Club offers Pete Dye golf, a tennis center and an ocean front Beach Club with fine dining, a gazebo bar, two pools, and a playground. There is truly no place like DeBordieu. Come see for yourself.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

DeBordieu Mothers Day Brunch - Make your reservations now!

What better way to celebrate Mom than at the DeBordieu Mothers Day Brunch, Sunday, May 10th
11 AM-2 PM at the ocean front DeBordieu Beach Club!
A long standing tradition at DeBordieu, club members and their guests have enjoyed this special day with their families for years. 
In addition to the spectacular setting, the food is always great too! Here's this year's buffet menu: 
Carved Bourbon Glazed Ham, Soup and Salad Bar with Smoked Salmon and Bagels, Omelet Station, Bacon and Sausages, Breakfast Potatoes & Roma Tomatoes, Cinnamon French Toast, Grilled Chicken Nicoise, Shrimp and Grits, Roasted Spring Vegetables, Rolls and Butter, Assorted Breakfast Breads and Desserts.
(Nonalcoholic beverages are included. Signature Bar is available.)

The cost: $26.00 for Adults, $15.00 for Children (11-15), $11.00 for Children (5-10)
Children 4 and under- no charge

Reservations are required for this special event. Please indicate in your reservation request the preferred time, the number of guests in your party by age groups, and if there are other members in your party that will be billing to their own Club accounts.  *72 Cancellation Policy applies for this special event.

Please call DeBordieu Club at (843) 546-2410 to make your reservation early for this very special Mothers Day Brunch.